The Astral Dynamics Interview Series With Robert Bruce...

"How To Secretly Eavesdrop, Listen In On,
And Get Advice From Psychics Who Are
Masters With Spirituality—
And Literally Listen To Me Pick Their
Brains To Learn Their Secrets—
All From The Comfort Of
Your Own Home..."

Now You Can Hear Psychics Who Are Masters With Spirituality And Mysticism Teach You Exactly How They Do It...

Dear Friend,

Let me tell you something that literally keeps me up at night...

I'm nervous that when I die, all my private unreleased training that's sitting in my mental "vault" is going to be lost forever.

For millenia, scholars and spiritual practitioners have sought after a lot of the information and techniques that I've uncovered, and refined over the years...

In fact, in ancient civilizations, people would've gotten KILLED for even revealing half of the knowledge that I've made public. Let alone to a mass audience.


For these very reasons, I've made it my mission to recruit a group of totally committed spiritual practitioners - the best of the best - to whom I can transmit my lessons and train rigorously.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a team of aspirants all working on their psychic abilities together?

Wouldn't it be great if these practitioners all gathered online regularly with me to trade tips, talk shop, and problem-solve?

Learning From Other People
Is Vitally Important

In my book "Astral Dynamics" and my other advanced programs, I advise students who want to learn how to be successful with astral projection and energy work to MEET OTHER PRACTITIONERS who are already good at getting out of body, and learn from them DIRECTLY.

This is how I personally learned what REALLY works with astral travel, and I think it's a CRITICAL part of learning how to astral project and do energy work.

Why is it so important to learn from other skilled students? Why can't you just read a book and "get it"?

Well, there are a lot of reasons.

Reading a book is a LOT better than nothing at all. You can get a good understanding of principles, concepts, and even some techniques by reading a book. In fact, books are probably the best education value in the world.

But let me ask you a question:

How do you learn things FAST?

Of course...

You either watch or listen to someone else who knows how to do it, and then IMITATE what they do... OR you can surround yourself with these masters (e.g. make them your friends) and learn their secrets first hand.

In fact,in the most famous success book of all time "Think And Grow Rich", Napoleon Hill devotes an entire chapter to a KEY principle that almost every MASSIVELY successful person uses. It's called the "Mastermind" principle.

In short, if you surround yourself with a group of successful people, and learn from them directly, you will tend to improve and reach success far faster than if you try to do it "all on your own"....

In his best-selling audio program "The Psychology of Achievement", Brian Tracy talks about a little-known principle in psychology and human behavior called the "Reference Group".

In a nutshell, this principle says that you become like those people with whom you surround yourself.

If you surround yourself with negative, unsuccessful people you'll begin thinking, talking, and even ACTING more like them WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING THAT IT'S HAPPENING.

On the other hand, if you surround yourself with POSITIVE, SUCCESSFUL people, you'll begin to think, talk, and act more and more like them WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING THAT IT'S HAPPENING.

Other people influence us on a subconscious level, because we as humans are programmed to LEARN this way. And all the great success coaches know this.

Psychics Who Are Successful With Spirituality Aren't Always Easy To Find

Well, as you probably know, it's not always easy to FIND people who are successful with projection. And it's not always easy to make friends with them once you DO find them.

They usually have better things to do... like go out of body to hang out with ascended masters and angels.

I mean, if you could astral travel anytime, would you be trying to find all the millions of students out there that weren't successful with getting out of body to teach them how to improve?

No way.

You'd be out enjoying yourself with one or more astral friends that were in your life!

So how can a regular person find and learn from these "masters"?

And what should we ask them once we do meet them?

How To Get Inside Of
The Minds Of Masters
Learn From Them Directly

What if I told you that I knew a way for you to learn from SEVERAL different "gurus" who were successful with psychic spirituality?

And what if I told you that I would be there to PERSONALLY interview them and get them to share their TOP SECRETS with us?

And what if I even told you that we could RECORD the interviews that I do with them so you could listen to and review them over and over?

Well, as it turns out, I've made arrangements so you can do just that.

Announcing My Astral Dynamics
Monthly Interviews Series...

It's taken me literally YEARS to make friends with a group of psychics and mystics who are arguably the BEST in the world when it comes to astral projection, energy work, and clairvoyance.

I've learned so much from these practitioners personally, and I wanted to figure out how to bring their secrets to others... so I've started INTERVIEWING these guys individually, and getting them to share how they do it... in their own words.

And let me tell you, I DIG FOR THE GOLD!

I want to know everything.

I want to know what they do, how they act, and what their thoughts are ON EVERYTHING

And most importantly, I want to know HOW THEY'RE GETTING RESULTS.

I've busted out so many interviews with amazing men and women, that there's far too much to list here - but let me just give you a SAMPLE of what you'll get in just the first 3 interviews:

I start you off with Thomas Campbell, (who helped found The Monroe Institute)

Here are just a few of the secrets he shared:
  • Why he thinks the astral plane is one big "virtual reality" of the mind
  • How to change the appearance of your aura so it shows new and different color patterns (this was a first for even me...)
  • How your "Higher Self" puts you through sophisticated tests to determine your evolutionary status - and how to pass the tests with flying colors
  • How to kill your fears - and let the inner "wuss" die - so you can emerge a stronger, more confident spiritual warrior, ready to take your evolution to the next level
  • How to understand the meaning behind astral initiations and experiences (don't get too cocky - or your "superiors" may take back your award)
  • and MUCH more...

And here's the great part - you're going to get access to at least one new interview each and every month.

Yeah, you read that right, you can get your hands on this information, on a consistent regular basis.

I'll follow up each month with ANOTHER killer interview that is chocked full of valuable and powerful secrets, from some of the best masters in spirituality. We're talking guys (and ladies) who charge THOUSANDS of dollars for just a few hours of their time. But I make sure that you get the "gold"...

For example - after the Thomas Campbell interview I'll follow up by giving you:

*** Clint Marsh ***

Clint Marsh is a true master when it comes to psychic spirituality.

In fact... you could say he's a "genius."

I don't know anybody that has such a vast understanding of magick and it's application to modern spiritual practice.

With this in mind, I can't believe how many of his closely guarded secrets he gave away in our interview...

I'm not just talking "theory" here... Clint gives out so many "cut and paste" exercises and examples that you're going have to pick and choose which ones you want to use for yourself unless you want to be doing different exercises for the same skill your entire life. Seriously.

After Clint, you get:

*** Dr. Bruce Goldberg ***

Bruce is a professional hypnotist who takes practitioners through "past live regressions" and "future life progressions" LIVE and on-the-spot...

He's known for his appearances on the well-known Coast to Coast AM radio show, where he uncovered Art Bell's past life as a citizen of the ancient civilization known as "Atlantis"... and he's been helping people get out of body easily through hypnosis for DECADES now... and has a whole catalog of published books in worldwide bookstores like Barnes and Noble.

He'll tell you about some very simply yet "never fail" ways to put yourself into a deep trance, and astral projection almost AT WILL.

He also teaches you EXACTLY how the universe really works... so that when you're out of body you're GUARANTEED to know what you're doing... this lets you have virtually an endless amount of time and energy to explore the astral "hot spots".

But what's really amazing about him is all of the killer step-by-step guided meditations he comes up with for entering the "white light" and astral traveling to the higher astral planes...

Not only did BRUCE have unique and effective techniques for astral projection... he had an entirely new PHILOSOPHY on it...

That's just the first couple of interviews to give you an example of the material you're going to learn... but like I said... there's WAY too much to list here.

These interviews are going to give you endless examples, tips and techniques to use on a daily basis to up your game with ANY psychic skill. And because I have gone from knowing literally NOTHING about how to be successful with spirituality to being able to astral project, use clairvoyance, and see auras anywhere, anytime, in any situation, I KNOW WHAT TO ASK.

And NO, I don't ask questions like "What is the silver cord?" or "Is there life after death?"... things to which you already have answers.

I ask questions like "How do you induce instant trace so you can get out of body quickly and easily?" and "Tell me your secrets for reaching the heavenly upper astral planes."

In short, I ask GOOD QUESTIONS. And I get AMAZING answers.

One of the most surprising things that I've discovered while doing these interviews is that I LEARN THINGS THAT I'VE NEVER HEARD BEFORE. And I'm often talking to mystics who I've known for YEARS.

Every interview I do is a surprise, and I always learn something great.

Here's How It All Works...

Every month I provide you the following:

1) Powerful interview with a spiritual "guru" who is VERY successful with psychic abilities

2) Full access to every past interview in the archives

And to make this an offer you'd be crazy to refuse... once per month...

3) I make a special video answering your most important and frequently asked questions, so YOU get answers

And I'd like YOU to be one of the select few that gets to be in on this.

Right now you're probably thinking "This sounds too good. I'm sure it is going to cost a lot of money".


How does only 20 bucks sound to you?
When you subscribe to The Spiritual Family membership program, you're going to get instant access to my guru interviews, mini courses, killer challenges, and group gatherings for only $19.97 per month.

Even better, I’m going to make you an offer that you will actually not be able to refuse.

If you subscribe right now, I’m going to let you have access to the historical archives of all the monthly installments you've missed to date... as a FREE BONUS.
I'm sure you're going to love this membership. If you do, then keep it and stay subscribed. Every month you'll get a fresh installment, and you'll automatically be charged only 20 bucks. You can cancel anytime you want with no questions or hassles.

If you get this first month of content and you DON'T LOVE and get IMMEDIATE success with the material you learn, you can cancel.

Your bonus is worth at least $20 bucks alone, and it's yours free just for trying this program - but this special free-access to the "archives" offer is only available with your purchase right now..

My Absolute Iron-Clad
100% Guarantee

I know that you probably want to “try before you buy”, and that only makes sense.

Here’s my offer to you:

Subscribe to my new monthly interview series. Let me send you the first bonus interview FREE just for subscribing. AND I won’t charge you a dime for 7 days! Listen to the bonus interview all the way through… and then listen to the first monthly interview that you get. Take up to 7 days to thoroughly go over the materials.

If you’re not THRILLED with the program, just just cancel within 7 days, and you can KEEP THE BONUS INTERVIEW AND your first interview. That’s right, I said that if you’re not thrilled with the program you can KEEP BOTH INTERVIEWS. No questions, and no hassles.

I can’t offer you something “more fair” than that.

Of course, I’m betting that you’ll want to keep your subscription active forever… and not miss a single interview. From there on out, you can cancel anytime.

Simple? Yes.

Risk-free? Yes.

Easy? Yes.

Incredible value? Yes.

Just click the link below to subscribe now.

Your Friend,

Robert Bruce

As always, if you have any questions about this program, just go to our Support Page  and I'll make sure you get an answer quickly.

Watch Some Live Samples...
Here are some samples from my interviews for you to watch.

Read What Others Have To Say...
The following testimonials came from people who
were members of The Spiritual Family.
(These have been edited/names changed to initials for privacy):

"I found the "Interviews with Spiritual Gurus" to be the gold crown. The "Thomas Campbell" interview, alone is WELL WORTH the price of the program. I learned SO MUCH from it! Any of you guys reading this, if you haven't invested in any of this yet, get off your duffs and DO IT! It will be a LIFE CHANGING decision! (And that is putting it mildly!) This stuff instantly gets you going psychically. It works perfectly."
- F.S. - NH

"God bless you for your interview series. I feel as if I am approaching guru status myself these days. I've been averaging somewhere between four to seven OBEs per week. After learning what I have, it is apparent that a lot of the other spiritual teachers don't seem to get it."
- M.G. - Miami, FL

"Your spiritual guru's interviews ROCK. I love listening to them. I would like to personally thank you for making these products. You have changed my life around and how I look at myself. I know your stuff has been around for a few years, but I'm thankful for it, it has helped me get rid of my insecurities / fears. I tried some of the things you mentioned, and BAM I'm getting out of body almost ever night. PROPS BOB!"
- T.W.

"I have been receiving the interviews for close to 2 months now. Last night I sat on my meditation chair, and began doing the trance induction technique you teach. Within minutes I could feel the vibrations start and I knew it was time to transition into the exit technique. Would you believe it if I told that I had my first astral projection ever? It's all because of this monthly subscription. Thank you for this!"
- J.S. - MD

"Most people write about Astral Dynamics book, or your Manifestation And Healing course, and talk about the newsletters... I'm here to talk about the interview series. I listened to you, speaking specifically effective energy work. I don't have the greatest of health. It's a bad habit. My school mates, friends, and parents always made fun of me. Today, I was doing energy work on my chakras, and I could actually feel my energy body "pulsating". I wasn't really paying attention... but then I felt a strong throbbing. Needless to say, using information from the energy work interview, and Manifestation And healing, I now stimulate my chakras in just seconds... It's all about energy work, and if you don't know how to do energy work, nothing can help you.

Of course, I didn't do any of this overnight, so thank you Robert. Not for helping with the Manifestation And Healing program, but getting other views, like those from the monthly Spiritual Guru series."
- G.I.

"I listen religiously to the monthly interview series. I can hardly wait from month to month for a new one to come out. I am HOOKED. My life has changed fundamentally. You have opened a whole new world for me. Energy work for me now is like child's play."
- A.J.

"Yo, Robert
Just got the monthly Guru Interviews series. 2 words for you: HOLY CRAP! the interview with Thomas Campbell was AMAZING! I wish I had that interview years ago. The insights that he shared were *SO* powerful, I have pages of notes from them. I wished you could have had ANOTHER 2 more interviews with him. This has to be one of the best products out there of its kind. A lot of the questions I had on various topics were discussed and I heard the answers from an ORIGINAL of the Monroe Institute! You can't get any better than that. Genius work."
- D. - Miami

"Dear Robert,
About a year ago I received one of your newsletters. I understand that you constantly have to elevate and sharpen your the price for the entire year. And that's absolutely no B.S. Any guy who wants to have OBEs, do chakra energy work, and open their Third Eye would be remiss not to get your monthly interviews."
- Your Friend, S. - Baltimore, MD

"After listening to your new interview series, I find it is truly the next level. I purchased the Manifestation And Healing training series, and thought, "It can't get any better than this." Well, yet again you've outdone yourself. The monthly series totally rocks. I used a lot of the advice recently that Thomas Campbell had given in his interview, with incredible results. (I have had more powerful astral projections. I know it sounds far fetched, and I wouldn't believe it if it hadn't happened to me... but I swear it is true.) I'd like to tell your readers the same thing I tell my friends- I calculated the amount of time I used to put into a single astral projection (as embarrassing as it sounds) and found that I was spending at least 10-20 hours and getting no where. So, why not spend WAY LESS, get the monthly training series, and actually get what you want with spirituality? The bottom line, undebatable truth- this program, and the others Robert offers, actually SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY. I hardly spend any time on getting out of body anymore. Thanks Robert, for saving me tons of time... and for not just giving me a fish, but showing me how to be a great fisherman."
- R.H. - Phoenix, AZ

"Hi Robert,
Just a comment on the materials. I ordered the Astral Dynamics interview series almost as soon as I heard about it and I must say I'm absolutely blown away by it, most especially by the Thomas interview. Something about that one being from a close personal friend of Robert Monroe is just so damn profound. I'm a slow but competent and dedicated learner, so processing the huge amount of information and things to keep in mind will take me some time to "get down", but some areas I've had immediate success with (NEW Energy Ways). I love this stuff man, its changed my life, I give you guys X amount of dollars but what I get in return is priceless, no other way to say it."
- G.J.G. - Providence, RI

Please do more interviews with Thomas Campbell who can clearly communicate what is going on in the aura and astral planes. Great open-ended questions - I especially liked the questions where you set up the scenario (ie "You're experiencing the vibration state coming on strong- now what do we do?) Thanks."
- J.R. - Jacksonville, FL

"Hi Robert!
I just got the first interview from the series. Awesome. What else can I say? Everybody should at least try this NOW! To hear your perspective on the subject of astral projection is like spending an evening with your teacher before a final exam! After I heard you I went right to my local meditation center, went into trance, and slipped out of body. And I know it's because of the information and confidence I got from those tips. Great work!"
- A. - Toronto, Canada

P.S. I’ll sum this up again… You subscribe right now online. You can pay with a credit or debit card as we will bill you monthly, AFTER the first 7 days. You get not only your first month’s interview, but also the FREE bonus.

If you're not thrilled with what you're hearing, you can cancel and keep not only the free bonus, but also your first month’s interview just for trying this program out. This is your chance to hear me interviewing psychics who are some of the best in the world at astral projection, energy work, clairvoyance, and psychic self-defense. Subscribe now so you don't miss any of them!

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