"New Breakthrough Discoveries In Science And Psychology Help You Eliminate The Anxiety, Nervousness, Self-Doubt, And FEAR That Are Destroying Your Chances With Astral Projection - It's Time To FINALLY Overcome Your Fears, Take Control Of Your Emotions, Learn To Get Out Of Body Easily To Explore The Astral Plane... And Transform Yourself Into The Powerful, Confident, Astral Traveler That Every Spiritual Practitioner Needs To Be..."

In Just A Few Minutes, You'll Be Learning The Exact
Step-By-Step System For Astral Projecting That Has
Taken Me YEARS To Perfect…

Dear Friend Who Wants More Success With Astral Projection,

I have some questions for you:

  • Do you get nervous when you think it might be time to practice astral projection? Or maybe you're in meditation and you'd like get out of body, but you don't want to screw up your chances by making a mistake?
  • Have you ever felt insecure because your friends and family think you're odd, or are "freaked out" by your spiritual interests?
  • Do you feel like something as powerful and exciting as the ecstasy of an out of body experience couldn't happen to you?
  • Do you ever become immobilized with fear when you start to go into deep trance, and by the time you figure out what's happening, you've broken the state?
  • Do you ever become self-conscious, and doubt yourself when it's time to perform an exit technique... to the point where you can't relax normally?
  • Do you feel like every time you intend to go out of body, your mind is bombarded with distracting internal dialog and chatter?
  • Do you ever lie down to astral project, but as soon as you go into deep trance, you fall asleep and miss out on the whole experience?
  • Do you feel like you've read every book, watched every video, and intellectually understood every aspect of astral projection, without any consistent practical success?
  • Do you feel like you don't know how to tell when it's the right time to begin an OBE exit procedure?
  • Do you ever feel like everybody else is astral projecting easily, but you can't even enter the "vibration state" without a problem?
  • Do you want to know everything there is to know about astral projection and the astral plane before you feel like you can even "start" practicing the exit techniques, and traveling out of body?
  • Have you ever felt self-conscious and embarrassed about your true desires to be free of this world... but fear other people won't approve of your fantasy?
  • Do you hate the idea of admitting to yourself that you feel insecure about this area of your life, and you really wish you could do all this yourself?
  • Do you get terrified when the exit vibrations start up and don't know what to do?
  • Would you really like to have an exceptional teacher... somebody that can take you by the hand and walk you through the basics... a trainer that will take the time to answer your personal questions... but it just doesn't seem like anybody will take the time to help YOU?
  • Have you ever felt like just throwing in the towel and giving up because it seems like NOTHING will work... and you should accept it?
  • Do you feel like you can't relax and successfully astral travel, because you're too overwhelmed with nervous anxiety and preconceived notions?
  • Would you like to start going out of body, and visiting the spirit worlds, but have no idea how to go about it?
  • Or are you already successful with astral projection to some extent, but you'd like to take your success to the next level RIGHT NOW and start getting out of body with more consistency?

If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, then I have some important news for you…

You’re NOT alone. In fact, that list of questions was created from years of personal experience and from learning about this area of my life for myself.

Here's The Bottom Line...

NOT knowing how to astral project feels bad.

It sucks.

It leaves you feeling like you have no power in your spiritual life.

It creates an underlying "distraction" that overpowers everything else...

It leads to a feeling of sadness and desperation.

It leads you to feeling like a FAILURE AS A SPIRITUAL STUDENT.

On the other hand...

KNOWING how to astral project feels GOOD.

It feels good to not have to wonder what it would be like... it feels good to not have to pretend like you know what you're talking about to other practitioners.

It feels good to know how to give yourself a feeling of FREEDOM... so you can travel to any world, rather than being stuck in this one.

It just feels good knowing how to astral project.

It not only feels good to YOU, but it also feels good to your DECEASED RELATIVES who are waiting for you on the other side... and it's WORTH LEARNING.

Most Practitioners Never Learn, So They
Keep Making The Same Mistakes
Over And Over Again...

Most practitioners take one of two approaches with astral projection:

1) They try to buy success with incense, pyramids, candles, and crystals…


2) They try to use mind-altering drugs, like LSD, mushrooms, and peyote (in order to have a magic bullet, and avoid real work, of course) 

The problem with these basic approaches?

  • 1) They don’t work
  • 2) They’re expensive and time consuming
  • 3) It's physically dangerous

So what’s the answer?

I thought you’d never ask…

The answer, my friend, is to stop banging your head against the wall using strategies that DON’T WORK… stop punishing yourself emotionally… and instead start learning powerful, tested, GUARANTEED methods to get out of body and astral travel

And here’s how…

I’m going to give you a simple, 3-step formula for learning how to astral project. If you do these three things, you WILL get out of body, period.

Use these three steps to get out of body and visit the spirit worlds.

1) Start with the inner game FIRST

Success with astral projection starts with what’s inside of YOU… and the single most important thing you will ever do to help yourself become more successful with having out of body experiences is to build a “rock-solid” foundation of confidence and power inside of you.

When you develop this unshakable feeling of self-confidence you’ll notice some very interesting things begin to happen in your life…

You'll start to dream more powerfully... even have lucid dreams... where you unconsciously astral project while you're asleep.

Unfortunately, this isn’t something you can just “decide” to have.

It can take many years, and a lot of hard work… and it’s all too easy to fall off track and have to start all over again. Believe me… I know.

If you REALLY want long-term, consistent success with astral projection, this step is not optional.

You just gotta do it.

Fortunately through my own personal struggles I’ve developed some almost “magical” techniques for overcoming fear and boosting your self-confidence FAST.

I’ve figured out ways that ANY PRACTITIONER can make powerful, lasting changes that enable astral projections right away… no matter what your level of confidence is now… and it won’t take you years or even weeks to do it.

When you get your inner game handled, you’ll be AMAZED at how everything else just seems to fall into place.

But best of all, you’ll never have to worry about being sad or desperate from being stuck in your body again.

2) Learn lots of TESTED techniques that WORK

Have you ever found yourself in a beautiful location, and thought it would nice to astral project, but you just didn't know how to do it

Or have you ever wanted to visit a distant location, or check on somebody far away... but you didn't have any idea how to astral travel?

The reality is that these situations happen ALL THE TIME… and all too often people end up missing out on opportunities with astral projection because they just don’t know “what to do”.

I’ve found that the key to avoiding missed opportunities and awkward moments with astral travel is to have at least one “default” technique to do in every situation… whether it is quieting your mind for a peaceful meditation, physically relaxing to calm down, inducing a deep trance, and everything else up to exiting the physical body and beyond.

For example, imagine if you had a way to approach quieting your mind that worked EVERY TIME… and for the rest of your life you could easily sit down and enter a nice relaxed meditative state any time you choose.

Now, imagine if you had a way to absolutely GUARANTEE that you could you enter a nice, deep, altered state... and then you knew exactly what to do to separate from the body to guarantee you can astral travel.

Do you see where I’m going here?

When you have one proven way of handling each and every situation that you will find yourself in with astral projection, you can literally throw “chance”, “fate”, and “luck” out the window and GUARANTEE that things will end up exactly how YOU want them to… every time.

I can’t tell you how many opportunities I’ve blown with astral projection in the past… it hurts just thinking about it.

The good news is that I’ve already gone through all of the “trial and error”… and I’ve developed a MASSIVE ARSENAL of techniques, methods, and shortcuts for every situation you will ever find yourself in with meditation.

The really great thing is that you can learn them FAST… and start using them as soon as you do.

I’ll show you all of the “basics”… and then let you in on the more advanced material.

When you have an arsenal of powerful, tested techniques that work, you can take advantage of any opportunity for astral projection that presents itself… and never worry about things not ending up “your way”.

And after you spend a day or two learning them, you’ll spend the rest of your life using them to astral travel and visit whomever, or whatever location you want.

3) Meet masters and learn from them DIRECTLY

It turned out that the most important thing I did in my quest to become massively successful with astral projection was to meet and learn from teachers who were ACTUALLY DOING IT.

Let’s face it… there are some practitioners out there who have a truly mystical ability to do psychic feats and astral travel at will… and we all hate them … lol

Many of these masters actually have spiritual beings come to THEM for lessons… on a regular basis.

But the really shocking thing is that many of these guys AREN’T the most intelligent people around.

And as far as money goes… well… some of them are BARELY getting by.

If you met them on the street, you’d think they were just “regular” folks… but for whatever reason, they just know exactly what to think and do to get out of body.

It’s crucial that you meet as many of these masters as you can so you can learn what works in the real world.

The problem is that these teachers aren’t easy to find… and it’s even harder to get them to “spill their guts” and find out just exactly what it is they do that makes them so successful.

But once again…. this is absolutely VITAL to your success.

It wasn’t easy… but I’ve managed to track down several "gurus" who are among the BEST IN THE WORLD at getting out of body and astral traveling.

And believe me, I took FULL advantage of the opportunity. I dug for the dirt… and asked the questions no one else had the nerve to ask… and got them to share every single one of their secret techniques and strategies for achieving more astral feats and miracles than anybody really should.

You’ll be floored by the simplicity and power of what these trainers share… just ONE of these secrets could lead to that BIG BREAKTHROUGH that you’ve been waiting for.

There is nothing out there that can compare to actually hearing the “how to” from friends who are living the lives that most dream about.

If you’re looking to accelerate your skills with astral projection, it’s a MUST that you learn from as many of these guys as possible. You’ll be amazed at just how quickly your game improves when you take this vital step.

You Must Know Where You're Going

If you don't have the kind of success you want with astral projection, then you're not doing these three steps. I know that.

Now, I know that you know that you need to do these three steps.

The question is, WHEN and HOW are you going to do them?

Are you going to do them NOW? And are you going to try to do them yourself? Or are you going to take advantage of the incredible wealth of knowledge that's available to you... knowledge that can save you literally YEARS of time and THOUSANDS of dollars in cash?

Don't Let Your Spiritual Life
Pass You By...

If you've decided that you're ready for SUPER-SUCCESS with astral projection and OBE, then what I'm about to tell you about could help you get it FAST.

I've put together what is arguably the most complete educational product on planet Earth for DRAMATICALLY increasing your success with astral traveling.

This digitally recorded and edited video training program contains over TWENTY full hours of me teaching all of the ideas, concepts, techniques, tricks, and secrets that took me YEARS to figure out and develop.

This is your chance to "pick my brain" and get ALL of my best thinking.

Now you can get all the benefits of hearing me teach my best ideas, all from the comfort of your own home.

What You're Going To Learn...

Here's a VERY partial list of what you're going to learn inside this exciting educational home-study program:

  • How to get out of body easily and consistently so that you can astral project "on command"
  • What you must do to ALWAYS be "mentally ready" so you don't blow it when you get a chance to astral travel (this will prevent that thing that ALWAYS happens... you feel like slipping out of body for a nice "vacation", but by the time you finally settle down your time is UP)
  • A simple 2-step exercise to permanently eliminate the fears and frustrations that are holding you back from success with OBE... fast and forever
  • The universal "hard-wired" biological process that FORCES you to go out of body... and how to trick your subconscious into actively creating powerful astral projections FOR YOU
  • How to tap into your "psychic instincts" and develop a strong energetic presence that makes your chakras help you get out of body
  • Have you ever seen a less intelligent person having more success with astral projection than you... and wondered what the hell was going on? Here's the little-known and closely-guarded secret of the "naturals" you can use to "cheat the system" and begin having astral adventures you're friends won't believe. (It's much easier than you think... when you know the secret)
  • A secret that the "ascended masters" on the astral plane use for their own sophisticated astral travel... which happens to work just as well with humans! (This is one of my personal "secrets" I use ALL THE TIME)
  • The REAL reason why most practitioners will never become successful with astral projection... and how to SMASH THROUGH and permanently eliminate this dangerous mental obstacle
  • How to "wipe your internal slate clean" and build a powerful force of confidence that every person you come in contact with will notice
  • A proven way to "keep your progress" in the development of your astral projection skills and guarantee that YOU ARE gaining the ability for the rest of your life (This will also eliminate any nervous "head games" you play with yourself... because you'll be so strong that they'll melt away)
  • The 7 trance induction traits that psychics who are "naturals" with astral projection possess... and a way to bring out your natural ability to relax down into deep trance faster than you ever thought possible
  • How to track down real "ascended masters" on the upper astral plane and get them to feel comfortable sharing their techniques and secrets with you
  • An easy, secret technique you can use to permanently eliminate nervousness about sleep-paralysis
  • A quick, easy way to enter the "theta state" when you're relaxing and want to take a short HASSLE-FREE astral excursion
  • The way to use your own unique body size and proportions to facilitate the easiest, deepest, trance... even if you have terrible posture!
  • How to soften up and relax every fiber of your body within seconds, so you can get out of body instantly
  • The secret biological reason why you're unconscious loves dreaming... and how you can use it to TRIGGER your internal "astral project mechanism" and MASTER your OBE reflex
  • The reason why you'll astral project easily one night but not get out of body no matter what you do other nights (Which would YOU rather experience? When you know this secret, it will be your choice)
  • Inexpensive tips to improving EVERY PART of your meditation space to create an area specifically for enhanced astral projection
  • The astonishing secret of master projectors that practically FORCES you out of your body, and into the positive astral planes... or anywhere else (So easy to learn you'll use it THE NIGHT YOU LEARN IT!)
  • The tests your Higher Self uses to disqualify you... how to pass every one BEFORE it comes up by doing just this one thing (Unfortunately no practitioner ever discovers this on his own... and must endure on rejection
    after another)
  • An eye movement technique stolen from ancient yogis you can use to drop yourself into an instant trance (When you finally "wake up" you'll want to
    right back down
  • NEWSFLASH: Taming your mind before you start your exit technique is absolutely critical to your success with astral projection. Here's a trick to nail it every time...
  • The 7 key energy centers of a normal, healthy human being, with specific step-by-step ways to supercharge them for OBE (Do just 2 or 3 of these centers and you're golden)
  • A trick I learned from a European magician you can use to make sure you never get "stuck" in an area of the astral plane that you don't like (and how to return to your body safe and sound immediately)
  • 2 exercises to develop your clairvoyance skills on the astral plane and learn how to see events from the future or the past (You can start doing both of them today, and see results FAST)
  • A powerful exercise you can use "in the field" to eliminate nervousness and anxiety in seconds
  • My personal favorite "move" for each of the "most common" situations with astral projection... quieting your mind, entering deep trance, exiting your physical body, traveling to the upper astral planes, meeting evolutionarily advanced beings, and having a kick-ass time (I've field-tested and refined each one... you're getting ONLY the best)
  • 3 best times of the day that are optimal for ensuring the easiest astral projection possible every day of the year
  • The 6 things you must NEVER do while out of body in the Real Time Zone (I learned each one of these "the hard way"... and I'll tell you how to AVOID the pain and failure I had to endure)
  • "Sneaky" (but fun for your friends) ways to play with, and tease your buddies and loved ones while on "the other side"
  • A way to exit the physical body for astral projection that works EVERY time
  • A surefire way to get out of body that works EVEN BETTER if you've already been trying to astral project for years without success
  • The 1 energy body techniques you need to GUARANTEE you're perfectly relaxed and energetically set to commence your astral projection
  • Have you ever seen an exotic locale, and wanted to astral travel there? Here's a surprisingly easy "why didn't I think of that" way to get there FAST
  • A easy way to meet and converse with other curious astral projectors, travelers, and extra-terrestrials floating around on the astral plane
  • A simple language trick for INSTANTLY making your astral vision clearer and brighter so you can see everything with crystal clear 20/20 vision or BETTER
  • How to use your "chest voice" for the most powerful incantations and affirmations... they're so strong that they practically manifest your wish immediately
  • An exact, step-by-step exit technique to use when you're relaxing and just want to slip out of body problem-free
  • A detailed color map of the astral planes so that you know EXACTLY where you are and what you're doing at ANY moment
  • A surefire fun "game" to play on the astral that costs nothing, boosts your morale... and you'll remember it forever
  • The rule of astral travel almost all projectors BREAK that can ruin your chances of staying out of the body without you even knowing it
  • 5 things you can do to DRAMATICALLY INCREASE you're ability to remember and recall all of your most fascinating and meaningful astral projections (If you've ever forgotten a special OBE moment... you probably missed these tips)
  • The 4 "set in stone" rules of astral traveling, so that you get to where you're going without zipping off to some unknown place accidentally
  • Exactly what to say when an astral being approaches you (Most projects FAIL these simple encounters and LOSE the opportunity to make a useful friendship... Now you'll be prepared to increase your "social network" on the astral )
  • A simple thing you can do to visit the enchanted "elemental" lands and planes... seeing a real dragon, fairy, and gnome for the first time will blow your mind
  • My favorite "get out of jail free" card you can use to immediately disappear from any reality, dimension, plane, or world that is scaring you. (You can also use this same trick to appear in any location you want)
  • A 10 point "First OBE Checklist" ever practitioner NEEDS to go over before he gets into deep trance
  • The secrets to quickly cultivating a strong, long-lasting relationship with everything from angels to fairies and sprites (and leave them intrigued by YOU)
  • A psychological "magic trick" that makes your subconscious feel comfortable at letting you out of body the very first time you attempt
  • How "gurus" use lucid dreaming techniques to assure they gain consciousness DURING the dream and convert it into a power astral projection
  • How to smoothly operate your astral body, and navigate the Real Time Zone surrounding our physical world... You'll quickly become a master traveler and begin REALLY exploring outer space!
  • How to use self-hypnosis and proven affirmations to literally "reprogram" your mind to begin astral projecting... and PERMANENTLY remove any negative blockages or obstructions
  • My well-vetted technique to know exactly the right moment to initiate your astral projection exit technique AND make sure that you get fully out of your body to begin traveling
  • An advanced astral travel method, stolen from a master psychic, that lets you choose which world, or plane, you go to... explore the endless set up of tunnels and highways with confidence and conviction that you're headed in the RIGHT direction
  • How to end the first astral projection in a way that ensure you WILL be able to remember everything that happened with clarity
  • 2 mega-successful, "I can't believe it's that simple" exit techniques that involve nothing more than you "pretending" like you did when you were a child (If only pretending worked in EVERY area of life!)
  • 10 tips for separating from the physical body in the easiest, fastest, most efficient way possible. It's taken me 35 years to refine these masterful techniques
  • 5 of my own favorite things to do for fun on the astral plan (WARNING: don't do these unless you're ready to become addicted to OBE)
  • A detailed explanation of my innovative NEW Energy Ways techniques and theory... use this invaluable information to increase your success with astral projection TREMENDOUSLY - by learning how to stimulate and energize your chakras and kundalini
  • Why just "intellectualizing" about astral projection never works... and why hard work ALWAYS pays off (especially in OBE)
  • What your Higher Self is, and how to develop a verbal relationship with your "guardian angel"
  • How to stop being afraid that astral projection is "dangerous", which is silly and untrue, and start recognizing your natural astral traits as a human
  • Creating powerful OBEs takes more than just the right techniques... it takes a special combination of posture, relaxation, confidence, understanding, and other "internal" skills. I'll show you the magic formula, and break it down into bite-size chunks that you'll easily grasp
  • A very specific exercise and formula for overcoming each and every fear you have with astral projection
  • The pineal gland, and "OBE" part of the brain, and how to appeal to the particular functions that these organs have to empower your ability to astral project 10-fold
  • Lessons from astral beings that will help you see how astral projection should fit into your life... and show you how to get out of body to visit their temples on the astral
  • How the persona or "social mask" you wear melts away as you learn your true multi-dimensional nature
  • How we deceive ourselves into believing things that aren't true or useful about spirituality... and how to overcome this self-deception
  • How to keep more of your personal power... instead of giving it away to astral vampires
  • How to find and identify your own limiting or inaccurate beliefs about yourself and astral projection... and how to turn them into useful beliefs that will help you succeed
  • How to think about "life" in a way that makes you excited about achieving your goals and dreams
  • How to "make your own luck" when it comes to OBE. There are things that "lucky" practitioners do to get out of body - and you can learn what they are
  • Why some techniques work better than others when it comes to astral traveling, and the exact techniques I use personally to exit my body
  • How to project a powerful, magnetic confidence to "ascended masters" by seeing them as "guests in your reality" as opposed to people whose approval you need
  • A detailed explanation of the inner beliefs of master psychics who are ULTRA successful with astral projection, and how to cultivate these beliefs within yourself
  • Specific guided self-image exercises to improve your self esteem and confidence with astral projection
  • Why your "Reference Group" (or those you choose to surround yourself with) will largely determine your success... and how to use this secret to skyrocket your success with OBE
  • Answers to the profound question: "How do you live happy life?"
  • How to stop flipping your "fight or flight" switch in your mind which prevents you from getting out of body -  and shut it down for good
  • Specific techniques for directly accessing the deeper, evolutionary aspects of your brain in a way that makes you automatically begin having synchronicities and uncanny "coincidences"
  • How to communicate to your UNCONSCIOUS that it's safe and desirable for it to begin allowing you to have out of body experiences
  • The magical powers that "gurus" and "masters" use to manifest their wishes on the astral plane... and how to harness the positive aspects of this power yourself without being abusive
  • How skilled astral projectors think, feel, and experience the world, and why you need to "get" this in order to achieve the SAME results as they do
  • Every single thing you do or think can either increase or decrease your chances of astral projection... learn how to turn this to your advantage and  make the most of every thought, behavior, gesture, and situation
  • Various astral plane types, how they work, and what to watch out for
  • Specific guided exercises for clearing fear and anxiety... you can use these techniques in any situation to help you clear away uncontrollable anxiety
  • Great places to practice astral projection... these are places where that unconsciously facilitate OBE (really!)
  • Exit techniques that actually work
  • A thorough explanation of mental rehearsal exercises and examples to help you plan your success with astral projection
  • One of my favorites! How to make your dreams turn into astral projections automatically
  • "Training wheels" for astral projecting... different types of props, tricks, etc. that will help start deepening your trance and taking it all the way through to exiting the body
  • How to get out of body in any situation
  • How to plan out your initial interactions on the astral plane so they go smoothly - without any "hiccups"
  • How to use your physical body to change the chemistry of your brain in a way that induces the deepest trance you can enter
  • How to ask an "ascended master" to help you - there's a right way and a wrong way... I'll show you the right way
  • The best places to go while out of body... to have fun and not spend a lot of time traveling
  • Exactly how to use contemporary science and pop culture to maximize your understanding of where you "fit in" to the big picture of existence
  • How to make your subconscious mind work double-time toward helping you get out of body easily and quickly
  • Why following "age old" astral projection advice is HORRIBLE and causes you to fail, and how to right the wrongs of these old school authors
  • How to set up a direct line of communication between you and your "Higher Self" so it can feed you instructions for improvement (You'll find your Higher Self is the best teacher you could ever have)
  • The keys to making your astral excursions INTERESTING
  • The "magical power" of being confident and bold with astral projection
  • My favorite specific stories from my myriad travels and journeys
  • How to make it natural for you to get into a routine of going out of body
  • My personal secrets for exiting the body at a moment's notice, day or night, 24/7
  • The 6 things that instantly let your "Higher Self" know whether or not you're ready to become a "frequent flyer"
  • "The Wuss Cure"... and how to get yourself back on track if you feel like you're starting to get nervous, and you sense that you're about ruin an astral projection attempt
  • Secrets for having an astral projection your very first try
  • How to attract friends among the fairies and elf folk... and increase their participation in your life so they help YOU astral project
  • How to use the "Astral Projection Test" to see if you're ready to exit
  • Examples of actual case studies and students I've helped master OBE
  • How and when to end an astral journey (hint: If you screw this up, you may find you're stuck out of body for a long time)
  • How to smoothly fly up to the upper astral level, and get an angel to look after you and care about your personal evolutionary success

ANNOUNCING: My All-New “Astral Projection Mastery” Video Training Program - Now Available ONLINE For Instant Streaming (With Hours Of Added Travel Techniques & Maps Of The Astral Planes)

It's been over 12 years now since I first released my best-selling book, Astral Dynamics... and since then literally THOUSANDS of spiritual practitioners have used the techniques and strategies in it to SKYROCKET their success with astral projection.

Of course, in those 12 years I've improved my skills as well...

I've figured out all kinds of new ways to approach astral projection... more effective ways to induce DEEP TRANCE... techniques for exiting the physical body... ways to travel the astral planes with precision, and a WHOLE lot more.

Of course... I've also become MUCH better at teaching students how to get this area of their life handled for themselves.

I've figured out ways for practitioners to get this stuff down even faster... and master even my most advanced strategies and techniques in no time...

I firmly believe my original Astral Dynamics is the single greatest resource on the planet for a person who wants to improve his success with astral projection and OBE but armed with this new knowledge... I wanted to make it EVEN BETTER...

I decided to IMPROVE it... incorporating all of the new KILLER things I've learned over the last 12 years... and bring in some masters who are among the best in the world with astral projection to help me out...

And now I'm excited to tell you that it's finally ready and that you NEED to get your hands on it...

My new Astral Projection Mastery program is packed to the brim with all of my very latest breakthroughs and discoveries for success with astral projection. It's new and different from anything else I've ever made.

The contents of this new program were taped live in my own personal studio. It's specifically designed to systematically teach all aspects of my theories, models, and techniques.

You'll not only learn specific techniques that aren't taught ANYWHERE else, but you'll also be given special exercises I've designed to help you take yourself from where you are - to where you want to be.

Here' just a small sample of some of the BRAND NEW material inside:

  • A way to supercharge your chakras right BEFORE you perform the exit technique that makes you astral project much faster so you stay out of body longer
  • What to do at the end of an astral travel to GUARANTEE you remember the excursion... and even get out of body EASIER the next time
  • The "Wuss Cure" - How to keep the wuss inside of you from creeping up and SPOILING your success when you're about to separate and experiencing vibrations
  • The 6 things all "failing" practitioners do that brings the astral separation process to a screeching halt. Even if you're doing "pretty good" with trance induction, be absolutely sure you NEVER EVEN THINK one of these things
  • The secret "naturals" use to make your subconscious overlook any "mistakes" you might make when you are astral traveling
  • Exactly what to do when you're "stuck" inside your body, and how to break that frozen state and exit freely!
  • How to use the power of "affirmations" to make your subconscious begin FORCING you to astral travel without even doing an exit technique
  • 5 simple words you can to yourself any time when you are "in doubt" or nervous about astral projection that will surge your confidence instantly put you back in the right state of mind
  • A way to touch your body when you're "in meditation" that drives your energy centers wild with activity until you can no longer stay in the physical!
  • How new scientific and behavioral studies and developments can help us understand how the dynamics between mind and body work - and to use this information get out of body better
  • And much, much more...

A Special Bonus...
Guest Interviews-
Learn From The Masters

One of the most exciting things about this program was the opportunity to bring in some of the amazing MASTERS of astral projection I've been fortunate to meet over the last decade...

During the 35+ years I've been teaching this stuff, I've tracked down DOZENS of spiritual experts and coaches, psychics, scientists, psychologists, mystics, shamans, magicians, and people who are naturally successful with astral projection.

I've met more of these people than just about anybody... and I was fortunate to be able to hand pick the very best of them to join me in the making of this program.

You're going to hear from some practitioners who are literally the best in the world with OBEs as they share the secrets they use to get out of body and astral travel more than any one human even should ... along with some other amazing guests who will BLOW YOUR MIND.

You've heard me say over and over again that there's no better way to learn than getting it from psychics who have figured it out for themselves. Well, now you can learn DIRECTLY from the best. And who better to interview them but me? You'll hear me get the GOOD STUFF out of them... the secrets they don't even share with their friends.

The first expert you'll hear from is a friend of mine who knows more about the subject of how to use Future Lives and Past Lives for spiritual evolution than just about anyone I've ever met...

In this awesome hour-long presentation, you'll learn how to use your mental intent and hypnosis to trigger powerful astral projections so you can travel to both the future and the past to view your other lives.

Of course you'll also learn some KILLER tips on how to get on the "fast track" of your soul's evolution... how to discover your spirit's true purpose in this life... simple ways to tap into your "superconscious" mind for enlightenment... and a whole lot more...

Here's a short preview of what you'll learn from him:

  • A "tiny" body posture mistake astral projectors make that makes it DIFFICULT to get out of body (You'd never think something so small would have such a BIG effect... but if you find your having trouble with your exits, THIS could be the reason)
  • How to use your core beliefs about life to "trick yourself" into FEELING confident and powerful when you want to travel on the astral plane
  • A simple change in the way you think that tells your Higher Self that YOU are ready for it to help YOU ascend spiritually...
  • I know you've heard that humans "need" sleep... but did you know that human beings also need at least 4 hours of "day dreaming" every day AS WELL? Here's a step-by-step formula for becoming one of those rare practitioners who use their "fantasies" to reprogram their subconscious to CAUSE OBEs automatically
  • The Hermetic Law of "when the student is ready, the teacher appears" explained in fine detail... and why this course is a perfect example of this principle at work in your own life (And how to take CHARGE of your destiny, so you MAKE your teachers appear faster and more predictably)
  • A simple trick to extend your lifespan... every single time you do this exercise you add minutes to the length of your life
  • How to use "Internal Body Experiences" to trigger evolutionary growth... "IBEs" are a new and different way to meditate in trance
  • How the "wheel of reincarnation" works... and how to get the hell off of it, so you can enter the Soul Plane and STAY there
  • A complete and utter debunking of the "empty shell" body theory that ancient astral projectors used to falsely believe... this ALONE will revolutionize the way you think about OBE

A Busy Mom Who Went From
Zero To Hero With OBEs
Shows YOU How To Do The Same...

And if that's not enough... I also was fortunate to get a friend of mine who has her own growing body of students to speak at this program.

This particular friend of mine is a professional working mother and housewife. After a busy day of handling the kids and her daily appointments, she heads off to her part-time job teaching English as a second language. Even though her day is booked solid, she STILL managed to overcome her obstacles and learn to successfully get out of body.

Now that she's a full-time mother, part-time teacher, and regular astral projector, she teaches even the busiest spiritual practitioners how to make time in their hectic schedule for meditation and astral projection practice.

My friend has become fairly well-known herself and is quickly developing one of the most listened-to podcasts on OBE and spirituality.

Prepare to be blown away... this lady is the real deal.

Here's a few more of the exciting things you'll learn from her:

  • How to use her version of the "rope technique" in a new and different way that practically MAKES you get out of body faster then ever before
  • How to use your lucid dreams as a powerful "past life" healing tool... and resolve and eliminate any old "sticking points" in your psychology
  • Powerful dream journal strategy that helps you track and analyze your progress so well that you'll be excited to keep your journal
  • How to give yourself a major "attitude adjustment" so that you can tackle your fears of astral projection at DESTROY them permanently
  • Proven strategies to break through nervousness QUICKLY... from a gal who literally got nervous closing her eyes for meditation just a few years ago....
  • The paradigm-changing concept that all of your past lives and futures lives are within your reach, and actually playing out right now. This one belief-change will enable you to access your "simultaneous existences" while astral traveling TEN TIMES more easily
  • And That's Just The Start...

The information inside this special bonus will increase your success with astral projection starting IMMEDIATELY.

You'll Also Get A FREE Live
"Interviews With Spiritual Gurus"
Video Just For Trying This Program...

As a very special one-time bonus, I'd also like to give you a FREE interview from my Interviews With Spiritual Gurus monthly interview program.

Here's how it works: Order now, and I'll throw in a FREE live interview from my Interview Series as a bonus for just trying this program.

If you get this awesome interview and you don't LOVE it and get IMMEDIATE success with the material you learn, then it's no problem, because you're not obligated to subscribe to the series in any way. But if you do want to subscribe, then you certainly can.

This bonus is worth 67 bucks alone, and it's yours free just for trying this program - but this special free-interview offer is only available with your purchase right now.

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Here’s the best part about my Astral Projection Mastery Program: You will be watching it INSTANTLY - as soon as you register. No waiting for it to arrive in the mail (like the old days), and no hassles.

As soon as you register, you’ll have full access to the program to stream in high-quality full-screen digital format.

In other words, you’re going to watch this program RIGHT NOW, and then take what you learn to start getting out of body, and having astral adventures immediately.

Here’s What You Get:

  • Nearly 20 full hours of high resolution video training "on demand" for your immediate viewing online
  • A detailed track listing for quick access
  • Two accompanying binaural "trance tracks" and text guides

  • You'll get a free interview bonus from my Interviews With Spiritual Gurus interview series
  • Opportunity to join our "Partners Program" to make money

What’s the price for an amazing program like this? Well, if you've been following my work, then you know I had originally marketed a live event under the name "Ultimate Astral Projection"... and I originally priced the program at $5,000.

I had to cancel the program after I started marketing it, because I got busy with another training program I was doing (on the topic of energy work and healing).

Now, I don’t like to complain, but it wasn’t fun canceling that program and refunding money (especially at $5,000.00 per person), but it had to be done.

Then, after working on the program for ANOTHER three months, I realized that I wanted this program to be my BEST ever on astral projection.

So, in order to make sure that as many people as possible can afford to make it, I’ve decided to price this program at what I consider to be a RIDICULOUSLY low level… of only $485.00.

Again, you get all the Astral Projection Mastery digitally-recorded videos, all the free bonuses, FREE UPDATES for life, plus the easy payment plan.

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I know this program is going to change your spiritual life forever.

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Use the materials all you want for up to 30 days. If you like it, keep it. You’ll be billed automatically.

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Can it get any better?

Of course it can…

I also realize that a serious investment like this might stretch your current budget a little bit. So I’d like to sweeten this deal and truly make it “an offer you’d be crazy to refuse”.

If you order right now, I’ll spread your payments out so they’re MONTHLY. You’ll make your first payment immediately, and then be charged in equal monthly installments over the next four months. It’s that easy.

I could not POSSIBLY make it any more easy or low risk for you.

When you click below, you’ll be taken to a secure order page where you can order your program (just use a valid credit or debit card for your order).

I truly want to help you get out of body and explore the astral plane. I get emails every day from practitioners who are using these materials to improve their success in the astral world, and I want to help you too.

Click here and place your order now:

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As usual, if you have any questions, just go to my Support Page.

There's no better time than RIGHT NOW to start improving your success with astral projection and spirituality, and this is the most powerful program available to help you do it.

Just click the button above to order.

Your Friend,

Robert Bruce

Robert Bruce

P.S. In this program you're going to learn the most advanced technologies for astral projection, OBE, and astral travel available anywhere. This material requires no special skills or previous experience. You'll be using the materials that you learn IMMEDIATELY and seeing better results INSTANTLY with astral projection. I guarantee it.

Watch And Listen To A Live Sample
Of This Program...

Listen To A Real Student Who Went
Through My Live Seminar Talk About It...

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Read What Others Have To Say...

The following testimonials came from practitioners who were actually
in the room for a live seminar, or read my book.
(These have been edited and names changed to initials for privacy.)

"Hey Robert,
I bought your astral projection program immediately after I finished reading your E-book in January. I could tell from your newsletters that you knew what you were talking about. The extent into which you’ve explored this topic is worthy of a PhD degree. I’ve done everything that you’ve been teaching, and I’ve had phenomenal success in an extremely short amount of time. I’ve even read many of the books that you’ve recommended. Pre-January, I had 1 OBE every 1 or 2 months. Now: Everyday, if I want in the morning, during my lunch break, or at night before sleep, you name it. I astral project everywhere I want from the my girlfriends house, to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, to the planet Mars. These days I can spend all weekend exploring the depths of outer space, even meeting extra-terrestrials. I’m having the time of my life. Thanks Robert for improving the quality of my life 1000 fold."

- J.C., Los Angeles

When I saw the opportunity to train in astral projection with you, I didn't hesitate a second.

I always had an interest in the paranormal thing since I'm young. I started to seek knowledge on astral projection as soon as I first heard about the personal experience of a relative. I found that every question I had in life could be found in exploring the non-physical. Since then I fell upon many books on astral projection but nothing was worth something close to the quality of information in that book.
I discovered the book by searching all over the internet. I had a great thirst for knowledge on the subject and when I found Robert I was happy to get exactly what I was looking for. Knowledge at it's purest form, I've read trough Robert's experiences and learned a lot of pertinent information from a great teacher. With the knowledge in this I was on my way to start enjoying the non-physical universe, which is the source of our reality.
When you see it for yourself, you know that the physical reality in which your body live is only the lowest form of existence in a much bigger and complex reality. I really wish everyone to see this for themselves because it's the first step to make humans evolve to their full potential. Robert appears to be the best teacher available to get us started and I know I wouldn't hesitate a second to recommend him to anyone who seeks knowledge on the subject."

- M.P., Quebec

 "Hi Robert,
This is absolutely the best stuff out there -- no question. Immediately after I listened the first session I went to my chair and immediately began practicing my trance induction, and I already began have vibrations. They kept going too, which was nice. They used to just stop. Now understand, I'm nowhere near as good as you, but I now feel like I'm finally able to stand on my own feet in this area. I say it proudly Robert Bruce helped me learn how to astral project!"

- N.C., San Francisco

First, about me: I am a lawyer in my early thirties. I specialize in civil litigation which keeps me in court for trials and other appearances. I enjoyed some success with astral projection, but it was sporadic, at best.

After coming across your website, I decided to finally get the OBE aspect of my life handled. I ordered your book, and, later, your astral projection book. After going through both, I realized I already had many of the skills you outline; the problem was that I didn't view astral projection as an art and a discipline. While I wasn't a natural, I was at times a gifted amateur. Now, while constantly re-reading the book and listening to the seminar, I'm on my way to being a natural. Your products have also helped me as a trial lawyer (patience, relaxation, intention, e.t.c.)

Robert, it is with a profound sense of gratitude that I thank you. I will only keep getting better, thanks to you."

- P.J., Tampa Bay, FL

"Hey Robert,
Since I was 10 and read about Nostradamus practicing OBE's, the subject has fascinated me. Throughout my teens I read several books regarding the practice and always attempted- with little success to exit my body. The problem with these works was that for every 100 pages on theory there would be 1 page of how to actually do it, which said little more than 'imagine standing outside of your body'. When I found Robert's work on a forum, those figures were reversed and all written content was what you need to do and why, in concise step by step points. This was what was missing from other works I felt, the true nuts and bolts of achieving altered states. Practicing the NEW system was what really gave me understanding. A dynamic and effective energy development skill which is a value to learn even if one has no interest in OBE's. It's like developing a "sixth sense" and it's easy to know why in a non-mystical scientific manner.

Several weeks of practicing NEW had bought me a gamut of fascinating experiences from body vibrations, deep states of trance and strobing lights behind my closed eyes; all of which furthered my understanding of how natural a thing OBE is. If you want to develop OBE, using NEW is an excellent tool. No other literature on the subject had ever, or has since given me such results.

'Astral Dynamics' is really the only book you need on OBE, an essential read if you have a genuine interest in traveling out of body and reaching your potential as a spiritual being."

- D.L. Birmingham, UK

"Hello Robert,
I was born and raised a roman catholic and I still belong to that church, however I do not believe I have to go to church each Sunday and pray there, to be a good christian. I believe I am here on earth for a reason, and I believe in a force in the universe, that we call God. I´d say, I see it as light, a light force, creative and alive.

I discovered your work and books through an ex-boyfriend in France who at a certain time in his turn was friends with and communicated with you many years ago now. Specific benefits from Robert´s work was raising my awareness and spiritual understanding and consciousness I guess. I feel Robert has a longtime and genuine understanding of mystical, spiritual, paranormal things, and he doesn´t seem to keep his vast knowledge to himself, but really in a clear and precise hands on way try to teach others and want to help his fellow human beings in simple applicable ways. Also, he seems to thoroughly road test his ideas before suggesting them to the public, which makes me feel very safe with his work. I do not know of many mystics or people, authors like Robert, so I can´t adequately reply to this question or compare him to others. He just gives a feeling of genuineness, to know what he is saying, and to prove it to the best of his abilities, with lots of transparency. No hush hush methods getting on his high horses and leaving the reader feeling empty or unwise or pretending he knows all the questions and answers to the universe etc."

- Z.J., Sweden

I first read Astral Dynamics around 2002. I had previous OBE experiences as a result of practicing a popular style of qi gong. The overall theory behind astral projection, as detailed in your book, is fascinating and original. To me the most valuable part of the book is the sections on energy development that you call N.E.W. (New Energy Ways). The techniques really are amazing, similar to some of the qi gong I've practiced before, but in many ways more effective. I think this is partly due to the emphasis on learning to kinesthetically feel, rather than visualize. In my opinion, the N.E.W techniques are the best primer for any kind of energy work or qi gong practices out there. I always recommend to other people that they start with these exercises, whether their goal is astral projection or learning healing energy work.

I'd like to relay one unusual experience I had after reading the section on paralysis, the sense of terror that accompanies it, and the theory that explains it. I never had that experience of astral paralysis before but that evening I awoke to a familiar light trance state that, only this time I was
paralyzed and experiencing an intense fear. As soon as I remembered Robert's words, that the paralysis indicates you are already out of your body but  conscious awareness is still located in the physical body, I suddenly found myself standing in my bedroom. I walked through my bedroom wall and looked up into a starry night sky. I tried flying up towards the moon but immediately woke up.

Thanks Robert!"

- P.S., Austin, TX

Astral Dynamics helped me better understand a confusing topic. Robert Bruce has shared his decades of practical experience and rolled into one neat package. If you're interested in out of body experiences, this book's for you!"

- S.D.

"Hello Robert,
I was brought up in a Christian Household and my father was a pastor. I never enjoyed churches or religion and in my teenage years my dad stopped being a pastor and we no longer went to church. In my early 20's I got to a point where I wanted learn and understand spirituality while staying away from religion. I decided discover for myself what is true and what isn't.

I remembered a Christian girl in my school who had parents who where into occult practices. I recall her talking about her parents practicing astral projection. At first I was into the whole belief that Astral Projection was on the darker side of things, I was so, so wrong. I investigated the topic. There was so much new age nonsense and time wasting practices on the internet until I found you, Robert Bruce.

You are the real deal. Yours teachings are down to earth and easy to understand. When I started reading Roberts works things started to take off for me. I remember my first Out of Body experience and it was life changing, it was a true experience. After two years and countless experiences I am at a point where I can Astral Project every morning. I have also tested your theories such as the mind-split effect and have confirmed them for myself. Robert, your teachings will get practitioners there if they really want it and put in the work."

- A.U., California

"Hi Robert,
Do you remember the movie Peaceful Warrior? The guy is cocky and thinks he knows everything... but really he didn't even have his foot in the door of spirituality.

Now my situation is the following: I am a successful athlete, and I have a girlfriend that loves me. I get good grades in school and I'm the life of the party. But I know deep inside none of that truly matters. I want to develop my spirituality and learn to astral project to meet my Higher Self.

Right now I'm in San Diego, and I'm reading your book Astral Dynamics. And I just realized that you are my "Socrates".

Now without your Astral Projection programs, I would be hopeless, because I don't get nearly as much value or insight from the other books out there. What can I say except thank you Socrates. I am your devoted student!"

- K.B., San Diego, CA

"Hey Robert,
I had read tons of books about OBE before, but while I was reading Astral-Dynamics I felt the first time in my life: that's it!

So many phenomena I had experienced before were explained there for me the first time, that was so releasing and exciting. As well I found many ways in AD to practice on profoundly. When I then participated in your course I just was stunned because I felt so much home and best guided. Any question was directly and profoundly answered and I felt (and still feel) so touched by Robert`s so caring, warm and friendly attitude. I just only can say from the depth of my heart. Thank you, thank you very much for all! :)"

- I., Germany

Credit and Debit Orders Only

"Hey Robert,
I've had spontaneous astral projections for over half a decade. I came across your book Astral Dynamics on the internet and it was truly life-changing. My view of reality and what was possible suddenly expanded. With his in-depth theory and more importantly, practices, I was able to enter altered states, have visions, lucid dreams, etc.

What's great is that you're constantly evolving your work. Now with AstralBob.com, each day there's a wealth of new information to be discovered. I know of no other expert in this field who is truly committed and works tirelessly to help people accomplish OBE and to grow spiritually. Thank you Robert!"

- G.O., Glasgow, Scotland

"First off Robert,
Astral Dynamics is an amazing book filled with facts and knowledge taught by the author. I liked the book especially because of the way that it is written and presented to the reader. I live in the Boston area and my background is catholic. However, I have always been interested in other cultures and have learned different ways of spirituality by my own research. I consider myself a spiritual person.

I found out about your work by his book astral dynamics at first; then eventually I found the website. The benefits that I have gotten from your work is that it has helped me to evolve spiritually. I cannot explain how, but it is I believe a lifetime process of learning and growth.

I have never trained with you personally but have read enough of your work to benefit from it. I would definitely like to attend a lecture or workshop if one is ever scheduled close to where I live now. Your work is different and better because of his first and experience and knowledge. I also found Your other books great as well; Specially the one with Brian Mercer. That is the best astral projection/energy work stuff I have ever read in my experience so far. I also happened to purchase a q-link that was advertised in the site and it is a great tool. I had more astral projection experiences with your techniques of astral projection. Thanks so much Robert! "

-J.L., Boston, MA

I had meditated haphazardly before reading your book, never finding a method that worked for me.  Most meditations were too inactive to sustain my attention, and I just fell asleep. But when  I saw the big, thick volume in the bookstore and thought, "If I can't learn something from that, I'm a hopeless case."  I wasn't a hopeless case.  Besides learning how to stay focused during energy work and meditation, I greatly improved my lucid dreaming skills and had some astral projections.  Because I knew what to expect, I wasn't afraid by the sights, sounds, and sensations of leaving my body, and I also knew what to do when I encountered perceptual problems in the astral. But most unexpectedly, the NEW exercises alerted me to my own energy healing skills.  My newfound abilities to move energy for healing purposes greatly aided a loved one who was struggling with a serious disease.

Your use of tactile sensation in his meditations work wonders for those of us who never experienced results with visualization-based methods. The books aren't dogmatic, either, and encourage you to use what works best for you, offering a variety of different techniques."

- K.G., Berkeley, CA

I have always been a student of the greater reality and I spent years searching for a reliable, practical method to achieve astral projection.  The books and articles I read always seemed to keep esoteric knowledge at an arm's length, with vague hints and abstract visualizations that brought me no closer to the out-of-body experience.
I came across "Astral Dynamics" in a bookstore and flipped through it, expecting more of the same. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the book was written as a practical manual, loaded with graphics, exercises and the kind of practical day-to-day application and depth of content that is sorely lacking in modern spirituality. The books touched on so many other areas of practical, experiential spirituality that I felt inspired by the possibilities for immense personal growth.  Astral Dynamics was my "Projector's Guide to the Astral Universe," a cheerful companion for an amazing new journey that was as close and tangible as a daily cup of coffee.
I tell people that it really is possible for a book to change your life and that this is the one that did it for me. At some points I had to put the book aside, feeling my mind simply blown away by some of the esoteric concepts presented. When I tried the energy exercises suggested in Astral Dynamics I was getting results on the very first day. Some of the energetic sensations I felt in those first few weeks were so powerful that I started having spontaneous projection experiences in my sleep. The gap between knowledge and personal experience closed in a heartbeat; the first time I woke up in the middle of a powerful spontaneous projection reflex, I truly believed that I was dying.  This is powerful, breathtaking work and I believe that it has the potential to be life changing.
Then there's the added benefit of any kind of workshop or video course work. I've taken your PAPI course and attended a short workshop in person and there's really something to be said for the group dynamic and a guided process. It's so easy to get caught up in our lives that we have to put aside astral work and the results of the work will only come from the amount of energy and focus we can place on it.  Attending an online course or accessing supplemental materials really supports the multifaceted journey of astral projection and helps key your Higher Self into what you are trying to accomplish. Your gentle, infallible cheerfulness is a delightful counterpoint to a process that at times can be intimidating, confusing or overpowering. It was really helpful to have a teacher available to talk through the exercises in a sensible, sequential manner so that the gradually unfolding techniques led to real, tangible results.
In your work, we have all of the benefits of a full university course: the detailed content of a textbook and the support of a helpful teacher, as well as the resources of an invaluable community of fellow students. If someone hands you a Golden Ticket, you simply have to take it!"

- A.D., Los Angeles, CA

First of all, let me start be saying that I am a full blown member to your "astral projection community" and your book/video series is by far the most profound perspective on this subject that I have come across. Anyone who doesn't think it's worth the money is in DENIAL that they are a wussy and they will never be great with OBE. After only one month post-Roberts-theories I have become 20 times more successful with getting out of body and accessing the upper astral. I went from having one OBE a week (usually turns into nothing, because I'd lose control and fall asleep) to trying to find room in my schedule for yet another astral adventure. To sum it up, you have allowed me to be who I am (with more confidence) and that one aspect naturally attracts spiritual success, THANK YOU!"

- A.P., Milwaukee , WI

I'm not a spiritual master. Looking back on 38 years, most of my OBEs happened by sheer luck. I was always falling asleep and I didn't understand why. I am a smart, college-educated, professional worker and really has his head on straight... but I still couldn't "crack the code".

Until now.

Thank you Robert for figuring this out for us students. My friend Jon turned me on to your newsletter, then I read the e-book and it really pulled it all together.

I'm not the kind of guy that can go out of body at will whenever I want, but thanks to your materials I have developed my ability to at least astral project pretty regularly.

My only problem now is, I want to spend more time on the astral plane than the physical world. I'll have to figure out a way to pull myself away from the heavens."

- P.H., San Francisco , CA

"Robert Bruce ,
I’m currently 25 years of age and from Hialeah, FL. I consider myself open minded and willing to explore, examine and question. I’ve never been particularly religious and in fact harbor some hostile feelings towards the idea of religion though I also find it beautiful when people take it seriously in their life rather than to conform others.

Personally, I stay within the contexts of my understanding and logic and religion tends to riddle me, so I stand agnostic with a deep appreciation towards nature and the cosmos and towards whatever force that created the perfect amount of accumulated instances that put our planet in just the right spot for there to be such a thrive in existence today. Rather than praise Jesus I embrace the magic of the sun, the moon and stars as well as the motions of the seasons.
As a seeker of truth the first question I asked myself is, do I believe in souls. Regardless of the confines of religion or science, do I believe that my body has a soul. My answer is, of course. I know it intrinsically at a deep level. I also know it from analyzing the surface. My journey began really began around age 11. I would wonder about my consciousness and how it exists, why is it in my body and not the next? Will it stop existing? Will everything go black when I die or will my consciousness continue? I wasn’t questioning my soul as I was mostly questioning my consciousness... This put me on a journey to explore deeper and motivated me to examine my energy and my soul, with religion set aside.
In my journey I discovered Robert Monroe, Preston Dennett, Bruce Goldberg, William Buhlman and to me most importantly next to Robert Monroe in my mind is Robert Bruce. I had first read Robert Monroe’s “Journeys out of body” which excited me and introduced the idea of astral travel. I later learned of the Monroe institute and of their astral program though I never tried my hand with their hemi-sync. I eventually went on to read Robert Bruce's “Astral dynamics”. Monroe's book had enamored me but Robert Bruce's book astral dynamics was more personal and offered guided material which simply enthralled me further into the spiral of perusing astral work. When I read astral dynamics I began using some techniques which lead to what I understand to be I.B.E’s. (In body experiences). I had one experience where I felt like my body was a shell and I felt my soul spinning in my body. For me in was a profound experience. I also had experienced a slight disconnect while meditating on many occasions, like I was hovering half an inch away, still clearly connected but at the edge of a disconnect. Also, once I was really angry and went and sat on a bed and there was a loud clock ticking in the dark, TICK, TOCK, TICK TOCK. I was angry and wanted to literally not think of anything, the clock also gave me something to focus on, before I knew it I felt a strong hovering feeling, again still connected but more profound than my previous hovering experiences, this was a method I was lucky to stumble upon. So I went ahead and purchased “master astral projection in 90 days” This book was serious and in depth. I knew when I opened it that if I wanted to have an astral experience, this was the book to read. If the methods and training were applied as clearly indicated in this program the goal would be reached. So I started. I did about a third of the work before the struggles of life sucked me up.
When I started the training in the 90 day program Bruce wrote, it required a short amount of time set aside everyday and the effort. I started meditating each day doing a little bit of energy work, trying to stimulate my energy centers. I did in fact feel these energy centers, I also felt myself transfer this energy to different parts of my limbs. I eventually tried a meditation with the headphones on with this buzzing sound, like frequencies.  I did this while meditating and doing energy work. One day with the headphones on, I began to feel this heavy heavy magnetic force on my crown. It felt like a magnetic hand suctioned on my head and I began to feel my body rise out from my crown, it was quite profound. I felt like from my eyebrows/forehead up, my head was out of my body. I got so excited, I said “what, what? It’s happening, I’m doing it!” and then it abruptly ended. It was a bitter sweet moment but gave me a glimpse into the reality of astral projection and energy. I would say out of all my experiences this one was the most exciting for me. It showed me that my waking consciousness could have some real astral experiences if I chose to keep up with my meditations. I felt with these experiences that of course I have a soul, so why not just go out to the physical and try to make a difference, try to be a friend to others, a shoulder and an ear of understanding. I do want to do more work and really delve deeper and I will, that’s why I intend on starting over on with my energy work and when I do it’ll be with the master astral projection book. It gave me the tools and the guidance to do real mediation and showed me results rather than just enchanting me.

To Robert I say Bless and Thank you."

- J.F., Hialeah , FL

"Dear Robert,
a.k.a... jedi mind trick astral projection master of all time... I just wanna say that I owe every ounce of success with astral projection I have to you. Like many practitioners... before I read your material I would go into meditation and I would really just end up frustrated trying to visualize colors and sheep and all kinds of silliness. Before I discovered your books and materials I was clueless. I thought that religion was all there was. But I knew better somehow. I found a book on meditation in the bookstore, but it really didn't answer any of my deep questions. But I can say for sure that your programs actually address the important issues and give real world experience and guidance. I would say about 80% of my OBE attempts would fail, and I would usually fall asleep while trying. Not only that, but I couldn't remember any of my projections if they did occur. And that was the worst part. But now, after using your NEW energy ways tools, and working hard, I'm astral projecting pretty much every single day...and the bets part is that I remember almost all of them! I keep a dream and astral projection journal and would you believe that the pages of journal runneth over with  black ink, my friend...I just can't find the words to thank you... I've been telling my friends to come learn about you, and guess what? Even my brothers and sisters are looking into it, because they just are so fascinated by the stories I share about my journeys and travels. It's amazing stuff. I can now lay down, do my energy work, energize up all my chakras and kundalini, and then go really deep into trance, and then slip right out of body as if it's nothing big whatsoever. It's become really easy, and that's the coolest aspect of all of this. If there is somebody reading this that figuratively is at the end of their rope and about to give up with astral projection, because nothing that they've tried has worked... they have stacks of books on their table and notes... but it still isn't happening, then I say to them get this astral projection program because it's the real deal, my friends. Robert, you tell it how it is... and nothing compares. Thanks again.. "

- D.G., Carbondale , IL

I came across your forum a few years back when I was looking for information on Astral Projection. He rally gave away a lot of useful information for free. I Eventually  had 2 real time OBEs. I bought Astral Dynamics and I am glad I did because I had 3 more since then. This time I was able to have longer experiences out of body and projected to the astral realms. Roberts techniques with energy body stimulation as well as his easy to follow explanations for achieving astral projection set him apart from the rest.  When it comes to AP you're the man!"

- R.W.

I am very fortunate to have bought your original book Astral Dynamics in 2001 – and this with his other books takes a position of pride on my bookcase. At the time I was studying for my Master of Science degree in Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology and was regularly practicing quite a lot of ’internal work’ work on myself. Coincidentally,  at that time I met a few delightfully unusual people who astral traveled regularly. They seemed to have some innate aptitude for this. I desperately wanted to experience this for myself. It was Robert’s book and the application of his advice that gave me my first OBE.  I remember looking at myself lying on the bed smiling thinking – this is just so easy :)! Prior to that I was going about it all the wrong way! I am not a ‘natural’ OBE-er – and Robert’s processes worked for me. I am so grateful to Robert for having literally ‘opened my eyes’ to this phenomenon as quite apart from this being literally an 'out of this world'  experience, it also puts our ideas of the quantum world as we know it - and our brain’s capacity to enter other realms -  on a whole new footing. To experience this for yourself is a wondrous thing. Good luck  to all you newbies –  enjoy the journey!"

- S.D.O., UK


Your work is so amazing, and has helped me more than you could understand. I'm a 35 year old woman, that suffers from mental disorders. I have a boyfriend and a family, and they love me, but it wasn't until you taught my how to go out of body that I was able to really undo some of the problems I face with my issues. I used to want to hide under my pillow and never get out of bed. I didn't even enjoy my life. But now I have something to look forward to every day, and I don't feel trapped anymore. I feel free to explore the beautiful universe and leave my problems behind forever.

Since I read Astral Dynamics, and got your early version of Astral Projection Mastery, I'm a totally new person. I feel happy meeting people, and interacting, because I know that there is more to life than my job, and my disorder. I don't care what it takes, I'm getting my ticket to go to your seminar as soon as you come to the United States. I really feel like I am on my way to mastering astral projection, but I don't know if I'll ever be as good as you. Thanks for helping me cope with my life and mental disorder. You are the best at teaching astral projection I believe. Thank God for you, Robert"

- T.R, San Diego, CA

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